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Concerns for Seniors Living at Home

  • Depression: As seniors become less independent and find it more difficult to leave their home without assistance from others, they become more isolated from their community, family, friends and the things that they love to do. Depression can set in from losing these connections and support.
  • Housekeeping: As seniors age, their ability to maintain a clean and healthy home can decline. Health and mental issues are key elements to housekeeping concern.
  • Medication Management: Forgetting a medication dose or taking the wrong dose can threaten both the health and the quality of life of a senior.Over medication and under medication are both concerns for seniors. Seniors struggle with medication management due to multiple prescriptions, different times to take them, and different ways they should be taken. Memory loss can complicate the situation which could make it more likely that the person will take an extra dose or skip a dose.
  • Nutritional Concerns: Many seniors do not eat as much as they should or eat foods that are low in nutrition which can lead to health issues. Muscle weakness, poor wound healing and a weak immune system can result from poor nutrition. Seniors lose interest in eating due to difficulty preparing meals, restricted diets, eating alone, depression and health issues.
  • In-home safety issues: Leaving stove on, stairs, dimly lit rooms, loose throw rugs, clutter, small pets, unreliable smoke detectors and alert systems.
  • Personal care and hygiene: Decreased personal care and hygiene are concerns for seniors. Depression, declining sense of sight and smell, fear of accidents, loss of memory and control issues can be reasons that seniors do not perform personal care and hygiene tasks. Many seniors need help performing the normal activities of daily living.
  • Transportation: A key issue for seniors is transportation. Once seniors begin to lose their ability to drive, they begin to lose their independence. Many seniors feel embarrassed to ask for help with transportation or feel like they are inconveniencing others when they request help. Transportation solutions can help seniors maintain a higher level of independence.
  • Falls in the home: Seniors are at a significant risk of falling in the home. Falls can lead to hospitalization which can result in reduced mobility and independence, and increase the risk of premature death.