Senior Companionship Services

The primary objective of senior companionship services is to uplift the quality of life for the seniors and their families.  Many care givers with long experience can prove that enlisting the services of an in home care provider for companionship is the best solution for improving the conditions of the seniors.  The unique nature of the in home option allows the care giver to provide a wider range of services that may lack in a conventional institution, which is essentially artificial in aspect.  For instance, the care giver can organize a supportive network comprising of the senior’s family and friends.

One distinguishing advantage of in home providers for companionship is that they fit into the senior’s natural rhythm of life in a pattern that enhances cooperation.  There are no rigid programs to be followed by the in home care provider.  The in home senior companionship services are non-disruptive and sufficiently friendly.  They assist in the creation of a supportive social environment for the seniors.  Naturally, older people are accustomed to their social and physical environments and may not cope well in distant institutions.  Unfamiliarity often leads to maladjustment, which often aggravates depression.

companionship for the elderly

Over time, a special bond develops between the in home care provider and the senior because of their closeness. Seniors appreciate good company in a natural environment.  The in home companion keeps them in high spirits since they feel appreciated in every respect. Recent studies have attributed the high prevalence in mental conditions among seniors to the scourge of loneliness that afflicts.  People around them hardly get the time or interest to engage them in regular and meaningful conversations.  In home care services are crucial for rebuilding the sense of belonging, which fosters sound health.

Another merit of in home care services is that the senior stays connected to their regular network of family and friends.  Many of them have reached a point in life where they can only trust certain people.  The in home care services are designed to meet this vital need for trust.  With regard to this matter, the task of the care giver should be to improve the quality of interactions between the senior and the people that he or she cherishes.  If the senior earnestly wishes to meet a certain member of family or friend, it becomes the duty of the care provider to organize such a meeting if it is possible.

Many people find it difficult to deal with the guilt of sending away a loved one to a care institution.  Despite the acknowledged importance of care institutions in dealing with conditions such as dementia and arthritis, families still have to struggle with a certain feeling of irresponsibility which deprives them of comfort.  Children also suffer from a profound sense of loss when a senior disappears from their midst.  Therefore, the most convenient alternative is to enlist the services of a competent and experienced in home care provider to offer quality companionship to their loved seniors.