Personal Care For Seniors

People today can expect to live longer than before.  This means once you are old you need to take more care than required to stay healthy.  As age increases strength decreases.  The word senior is used for people above 65 years old.  Many seniors face difficulties in their personal care.  Personal care for seniors is required for health and fitness.

Old age affects both body and mind, slowing down the behavior of a person.  The most common physical marks of old age are bones and joint pain.  This causes a stooping posture in people and bone diseases.  They need walking sticks for their mobility and about 14% of the senior citizens experience impairment in mobility. They lose their senses performance increasing their eyesight and hearing problems.  This causes difficulty in communication for them.  The diminished senses increases risk for injuries from falls and this can bring death closer.  Lung and kidney failure are also two common occurrences in old age.
Most of the senior citizens feel pain and hence are sent to old age homes when their care taking becomes difficult.  Their vocal cord weakens and skin becomes drier and wrinkled.  A significant health risk they face is diabetes.  This will involuntarily cause urinary incontinence due to any infection or constipation problems due to indigestion.  Old age also brings mental problems.  They can’t seem to adapt to their environment and always have some fear.  Sometimes it causes depression and mental disorders.  Memory loss is a common mark in old age.personal care assistance

These numerous problems demand for personal care for seniors.  One must see to that the seniors are always in company of someone or the other and never alone.  You may never know when they are in trouble.  They must be accompanied even to the bathroom if need arises.  Their body must be kept clean and bathed regularly by sponge if they lack mobility.  Regular checkups to the doctor must be ensured and necessary medicines must be appropriated.  They should be provided with spectacles or hearing aid on loss of those senses.  They must be situated in a safe environment and treated similar to children.  Some fitness must be imparted in their daily routine like breathing exercise and other simple movements like walking and stretching.

Many younger people these days seem to have lost their responsibilities and have no care or emotions for their parents or elderly.  This causes a major problem and increase in death of old people forcing them to move into an old age home.   After all the effort they put in bringing us to what we are today, we must respect them and their decisions and take care of their health.  It is right to support them till their last breath as they tend to feel lonely and inadequate.

Personal care such as brushing their teeth, washing their bodies, combing their hair, and much more are all important needs that must be met.  For the senior who still lives at home some assistance is almost always necessary.  Bringing in a professional home caregiver service can meet these daily needs.  Choosing to do so will help you or your loved one live with dignity.