Orange Beach Activities

Situated on the white sandy shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Orange Beach is another top destination for travelers and tourists worldwide in the State of Alabama. This place isn’t just another beach where people go to relax and sip on their favorite glass of drinks; there are a couple of dozens of activities available in this area that make people come here time and again. Not to forget the hospitality of “Sweet home Alabama” that can rarely be found in any other part of the world.

So what are the top things to do in Orange Beach, Alabama? Read on to find out.

Sailing and boat ride: One of the most popular and fun things to do in Orange Beach is to cruise into the sunset on your private yacht or a rented boat to enjoy the blissful solitude of nature. Behold the sights and scenes of dusk while the sun paints everything orange with its glorious colors.

Visit Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail: If you want to avoid the beach crowd, then head straight to this location to walk amidst greenery through well-marked trails. There are a variety of trails in this area to pique everyone’s curiosity and want them to come back for more. The butterfly garden, Gator Swamp, and Rosemary Dunes Trail are must visits.

dolphin watching in orange beachDolphin watching: Hugely popular among people of all ages, heading off to the sea and watching the Dolphins are an all-time classic in Orange Beach, Alabama. You may choose to share a ride and go cruising to shake a leg with the Dolphins or rent a boat for your entire family. Enjoy light snacks and drinks while observing these magnificent creatures of the sea.

Visit The Wharf: This is a wholesome family entertainment district situated at Folly Beach Expressway and also in Canal Road. There are shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters, Ferris wheels, and other culmination of fun activities that you can enjoy along with your family. This is a place where people come to celebrate all year round.

Parasailing and Paragliding: If you are an adventure junkie and live for the thrill, then Orange Beach also offers you the chance to fly with the words and taste freedom like never before. There are many independent Paragliding and parasailing operators in the area who offer spectacular experiences at highly affordable rates.

Water skiing and jet skiing: Another favorite among thrill seekers, these activities will get your heart pumping while you cut across the pristine waters of Orange Beach. There’s no reason to worry about safety because these rights are maintained and conducted by trained professionals who have been in the business to accommodate all sorts of preferences.

Have fun in Adventure Island: Enjoy with your family and take part in a broad range of fun activities like riding go-karts, playing laser tag, mini golf, video game arcades, thrilling rides for kids and others. You’ll find yourself having one of the most exciting times you’ve had in your life in Adventure Island.

Relax by the Orange Beach Waterfront Park: If you just want to kick back and forget about all your worries, and the ideal destination to visit. Your loved ones will love it here because every amenity you can imagine is available.