Mobile Alabama Landmarks

The wonderful city of Mobile in Alabama has a rich past and is a very popular destination for heritage and eco-tourism. A number of historic events have taken place in the city. The city is located on the entry of the Mobile river to the Mobile bay.   Mobile Alabama has numerous museums and art galleries, ballet companies, professional opera, and symphony orchestra.

The culture is a mixture of French, African, British, Spanish and Creole influence.

Some of the Mobile Alabama landmarks include;

1. Battleship USS ALABAMA

It was commissioned in 1942 and served in world war two. This historic battleship retired in 1964 and opened as a museum in 1965. USS Alabama (BB-60) was then added to the national registry in 1986. The ship is permanently docked in the bay and open for tours the whole year.

2. George Wallace Tunnel

The tunnel offers a very cool spot on the long journey to Mississippi. The tunnel offers a wonderful experience to tourists and travelers. This pair of tunnels run beneath the mobile river from city’s downtown and emerge on the Blakeley island joining the jubilee parkway.

3. Church Street Grave Yard

This is a historic city cemetery. The cemetery dates back to 1830 and surrounded by a brick wall. The gravestones in the cemetery represent the carvings done in new England. The cemetery also represents examples of cast iron work.

4. Ladd-Peebles Stadium

This stadium was opened in 1948 and has a sitting capacity of 33,471. Primarily used for the American football. It is the home field for University of South Alabama Jaguars and Senior Bowl. The stadium is also used for concerts, high school graduations, boxing matches festivals and trade shows.

5. Magnolia Cemetery

This is also a historic city cemetery filled with many monuments and spans more than 100 acres. It served as an exclusive burial place in 19 centuries. There are a number of monuments in the cemetery which offer different designs. The monuments come with the ancient architecture which is much appreciated by the tourists and people who are trying to do some research.

  1. Grand Bay Welcome Center

    There is no better way to be welcomed to Mobile Alabama than the beautiful sight of the Grand Bay Welcome Center. It is very pleasing. It is a nice place if you are traveling to stop and say hello.

    7. Bragg-Mitchell Mansion

    Also known as Bragg-Mitchell House. It is a historic museum built in 1855. The last private owners, A.S. Mitchell family, occupied the mansion until 1965. During this period, the mansion became an icon in the city. Bragg-Mitchell Mansion was donated to the Explore Center by A.S. Mitchell foundation in the late 1970s .

    The mansion was opened to the public in 1987 and is very popular corporate dinner, community wedding receptions, and historic home tours.

    In conclusion, the city of Mobile, Alabama has very many landmarks that can be very important for education and tourism. The history behind the landmarks offers some of the best information about the past of the city. The popularity of the city has grown in the recent past and it is considered to be one of the cities to visiting when in Alabama.