Mobile Alabama Businesses

With nearly 200,000 people living in it as of 2010, Mobile Alabama is one of the most populous cities in Mobile County. It is therefore not surprising to find thriving companies within the area. Individuals who want to move in the city will find several prominent mobile Alabama businesses where they can submit their resumes, regardless of the niche they are interested in.

ST Aerospace Mobile

Founded in 1990, the ST Aerospace Mobile employs an estimated 1,500 people from the city. It is an aircraft maintenance company that employs mainly engineers, technical staff, licensed aircraft mechanics and the ubiquitous administrative personnel. It caters mainly to the North and South American aerospace clients.

Austal USA

While ST Aerospace Mobile caters to the flying crowd, the Ausatal USA Company caters to shipping crowd. This particular business is focused on ship building with the United States Navy being one of its biggest contracts. As of 2012, there are roughly 3,100 employees of the company with more to be added as the business expands. It is estimated that by 2016, they will be opening up more jobs to employ a total of 4,000 people for the Mobile Alabama headquarters alone.

Providence Hospital

People from Mobile Alabama are well taken care of, thanks to the presence of top quality hospitals all over the area. One of those is Providence Hospital, known for being a hospital tower consisting of 11 stories and 349 beds. One of the leading facilities when it comes to the medical industry, the hospital is one of the best places to be if you want to establish a reputation in medicine. It reportedly employs more or less 2,100 people.

University of South Alabama

For those who are leaning towards an academic career, there is the University of South Alabama which employs more than 5,300 – many of which are teachers and professors. It’s the only major institution publicly owned which can be located in the upper area of the Gulf Cost. Home to more than a million people within 100 miles, the University is best known for their medical schools. In fact, the university-owned hospitals treat more than 250,000 people per year.

Waterman Steamship Corporation

If you remove government-owned employees, the Waterman Steamship Corporation will definitely rank among one of the top employers in the area. As the name suggests the company deals heavily with deep sea ocean carrier. They focus mainly on liner services and charter contracts, having thousands of people in their employ doing various jobs.

Morrison Management Specialists

Serving the country as a whole, this particular company deals with the food service industry and is a member of the Compass Group. Their specialty is in nutrition and healthcare to senior living communities, employing an assorted number of dietitians, chefs, doctors, and service employees.

Of course, those are just some of the prominent Mobile Alabama businesses found in the city. With an economic status geared towards new heights, Mobile is set to be a favorite for new businesses to emerge. That’s not counting the employment rate of the city itself with the public school system listed as the biggest employer within the area.