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Your Choice Senior Care provides services and care for those who choose to remain in their home. We can relieve the pressures and demands on you and your loved ones to help you live as independently as possible in the comfort of your own home. Our specialty is providing customized services with care, compassion and at the highest quality. The menu of services that we provide can be tailored to fit your individual needs and concerns. Because the client is involved with assessing and evaluating their situation, our personalized service is guaranteed to be right for you. Click here for pricing! Call us at 251-316-1236.

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Our Caregivers undergo a thorough background, employment history and reference check. Careful consideration is given to matching a caregiver to your specific needs. Our services are flexible and allow you to make modifications to your care plan as needed, so you are paying only for the services that you need and want. Your Choice Senior Care is able to provide all of the services and options that you need to continue to maintain a healthy, safe, and enjoyable life.

Senior Care Mobile

Now, living independently at home is a real option!

As people age, the necessity for extra care also increases. At home, seniors feel more comfortable and relaxed with their families around and the familiar environment. This type of independent senior living allows for a feeling of dignity. The most important factor of getting care within home depends on the need level of the aged person. Besides saving on a tremendous amount of cost, home care agencies in mobile have a wide range of benefits.

The home care agencies in mobile are able to provide individualized care. Having a care giver at home allows you to rest assured knowing your beloved senior is being well taken care of. Task provided include many things such as cleaning, transportation, grooming, bathing, dressing, and home health care such as medication management. So whether an elderly person lacks mobility, has alzheimer’s, dementia, or just simply needs the little things done, the help is there.

There can also be a big financial difference. Most Institutional care homes in mobile charge quite hefty prices. In-home care givers are more affordable as compared to nursing facilities and institutions. In order for your elderly loved one to receive personalized care in an institution; you will have to pay huge sums of cash. This is not the case with a home care business. They are monetarily beneficial. The prices are ridiculously affordable making it the better option.

Social isolation can make it a struggle for many elderly individuals. Your loved ones may live alone or spend hours by themselves while you are at work. With a professional in the home, a senior has a companion to talk to and pass time. The presence of the family at home also plays an important role in offering the needed company to the seniors. This is achieved by offering emotional and mental support which is important to the healing process.

If you take into consideration all of the above it may be in you or your loved ones best interest to hire a senior care company.

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