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As our beloved ones age it is imperative to continue observing health nutrition and ensure that they enjoy their meals too.  Daily food choices normally make a big difference in the overall health of the seniors including the way they.

Eating a balanced diet fights disease-causing toxins and reduces risks of stroke, heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, some types of cancer, bone loss and anemia.  In case a senior citizen has any of the chronic ailments, eating a healthy diet is crucial towards management of such conditions. Eating well as a senior therefore help you to remain strong and live longer.

A healthy nutrition increases energy levels thereby giving your body the fuel it needs all the day long.  Your mood and self esteem is also raised and you feel better internally and externally.

Some types of food such as fish, fruits and vegetables can boost your focus while food rich in antioxidants can improve your mental alertness and memory.

senior meal assisatance

Healthy diet helps to control your weight.  Extra weight is a matter of concern to the elderly as it may be associated with risk of diseases like diabetes and heart ailments.  Eating the right diet can help you control your weight thereby reducing the related risks.

Despite of the above importance of healthy diet, the elderly are faced with lifestyle and appetite changes as age takes toll.  These changes can affect the kind of diet and the amount of food that they consume.  Some of the difficulties that seniors may encounter in attempt to cook a healthy diet are;

Difficulty in shopping for food supplies –

For seniors it can be difficult to get to the store.  Driving can be a big issue at this age.  In addition the stores tend to be quite large and are not easy to get around.  Even if they use an electric shopping cart it’s not easy to get the food off of the shelves.  In addition the store may provide someone to load the groceries into the car.  However, once home the senior is left to do this themselves. 

As you age, your body may become frail which can also be accompanied with incapacitating conditions such as arthritis and dizziness (vertigo). You may be unable to perform even easy tasks such as peeling fruits, opening lids or standing for long to cook a meal. In addition it can be dangerous working around hot cooking surfaces.  The chance of fires is increased by forgetfulness.

You may forget to buy a variety of foods which imply that you may keep on preparing the same diet repeatedly even without noticing. Sometimes you may end up skipping the meals altogether since you may not remember when you last ate.

As we age, our senses of smell and taste decline.  A senior is therefore likely to cook a meal which is not appetizing which will contribute to taking less food than required.

Elderly meal assistance services 

Due to the difficulties the seniors face when preparing healthy diet, they may end up taking unhealthy diet and/or inadequate amount of food.  This may contribute to malnutrition which can lead to weight loss, lethargy, lightheadedness, disorientation and even chronic illnesses.  This is where elderly meal assistance services come in handy.  These services are essential since;

  • They can help the seniors to plan menu which enables a senior to enjoy a healthy diet always. 
  • The meal services purchase the right food supplies at affordable prices.
  • They help in meal preparation and observe the meals and fluid intake to ensure that the senior eats a healthy diet.

The elderly meal assistance services can also provide feeding assistance for the elderly who are unable to feed themselves.  This is one of the services provided by home care agencies.