Homewood Alabama Shopping

When you go exploring Homewood, Alabama, don’t forget to wear your walking shoes and keep yourself free of all worries. Homewood has a small-town atmosphere especially on and around 18th Street South. You will find several specialty shops, restaurants, art galleries and stores. If you want to enjoy Homewood, stop at as many as you can. You will find a new experience everywhere.

If you are looking for something for home décor, walk down to Christopher Glenn, Inc. on the 19th Street South. You will find a variety of offerings from cast iron chandeliers to brass garden sprinklers, bronze lamps to bamboo sculptors and Italian terracotta. You will find terrace and garden too.

If you have a fancy of ornaments, the store offers you a range of stylish ornaments to boast of your personality. The maker creates a perfect blend of classic and contemporary styles. Most of the Homewood businesses are owned by locals which give the lifeblood to the city.

Griffith Art Gallery on 109 Hilltop Business Dr. Pelham, Homewood, Alabama, offers original oil paintings. Almost 75 topmost artists from around the world showcase their masterpiece in Griffith. The store frequented by the rich and famous.
Three Sheets on the 18th Street South offers a range of linen products. You can find high-quality bedroom linen, sheet ensembles, and comforters. Either you love or classic design or modern look, you will have something to pick up.

Soca Girl in Homewood is a favorite store for women especially those who are young at heart. Teens scream in delight after when they enter the shop. It has so many tempting items. You just can’t leave the shop without picking something. If you are shopping with your daughters, better skip it if you are wary of your wallet.

Have you listened to the story of Alice in Wonderland? Here is your chance to experience the wonderland. Stop by White Flowers. You will find it on 18th Street South only. Everything is white here. You will feel like walking into the winter wonderland. As you become comfortable with white all around you, its serene is angelic music takes you to a new high. The shop has been owned by artists who weaved their life around the garden, plant, and earth. You will find many products on that theme.

On 29th Ave Street, you can find Monty Stabler Galleries. They are known for contemporary arts. You can find all kind of arts – paintings, sculptors, and work from local as well as international artists.

When you get tired of shopping and want to wind up, rush to Five Points South Historic District on 20th Street South at 11th Ave South. You will find several the best restaurants, galleries, entertainment, and nightlife.

Pepper Place is another destination to be stress-free. It is a shopping center on Second Ave South. It was an old complex which was give renovated and made a shopping center. You will find seven buildings here having several popular shops and a new theater. It is a unique shopping and entertainment center in Homewood, Alabama.