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Your Choice Senior Care provides services and care for those who choose to remain in their home. We can relieve the pressures and demands on you and your loved ones to help you live as independently as possible in the comfort of your own home. Our specialty is providing customized services with care, compassion and at the highest quality. The menu of services that we provide can be tailored to fit your individual needs and concerns. Because the client is involved with assessing and evaluating their situation, our personalized service is guaranteed to be right for you.  Click here for pricing!

Our Caregivers undergo a thorough background, employment history and reference check. Careful consideration is given to matching a caregiver to your specific needs. Our services are flexible and allow you to make modifications to your care plan as needed, so you are paying only for the services that you need and want. Your Choice Senior Care is able to provide all of the services and options that you need to continue to maintain a healthy, safe, and enjoyable life.

Senior Care Foley

Now, living independently at home is a real option!

At some point we can all get exhausted or tired and we cannot ensure that we will always be in a position to do everything on our own. When you have a senior at home or anyone who has a condition that needs constant care and at the same time, you have your own family and a job on the side, I tell you, you need help. You will not be able to attend to all your responsibilities without battling stress and breaking down. Therefore, I would like to let you know that the best help you can get is that from a caregivers for the elderly. Why

  • Companionship and monitoring
  • Help with the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) such as shopping, housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation.
  • Help with the Activities of Daily Living (ADL), which include personal care needs like dressing, bathing, toilet help, and mobility.

Benefits of Hiring Foley, AL In-Home senior Care Providers

If your elderly parent(s) needs help on a day-to-day basis, but do not wish to move to a nursing home, it is time to start looking for care home services. Finding someone trustworthy who can adequately meet your parent’s needs is crucial. Here are some benefits of hiring a senior care solutions provider for your loved one:

  • Hiring a senior home care agency allows for flexibility of responsibilities thus clients like them more compared to those in the assisted living residences. A private caregiver can carry out many tasks. For instance, caregivers with medical backgrounds can also offer medical assistance such as checking vital signs of blood pressure, provide first aid in cases of emergencies, and ensuring that the patients take the right medications in correct amounts. The best thing about this is that we can customize their tasks according to our needs as clients or the patient needs. Simply make sure that the tasks are clear right before the elder care help commences to work so as to prevent any misunderstanding. It is also advisable to have everything on paper to make sure everything is accounted for.
  • Secondly, let us face that we cannot always be at home in Foley with our elderly loved ones. We need to attend to our own responsibilities, own families, own jobs, and the list just goes on. Moreover, during these busy times, senior carer can actually serve as our loved ones’ company. It will be good to have them around so that our seniors will have someone to chat with, watch the TV with or just go through everyday life without feeling lonely or bored.
  • Aside from the fact that it is sad to leave our seniors unaccompanied at home, we also need to remember that they need someone who can be with them in case there is an emergency. We will never know when will an accident or a medical mishap occur and we need to be ready for that. Having in home assistance ensures that our loved ones will not be left uncared for and unattended.
  • Another reality is that sometimes, even if we are at home, something just suddenly comes up. We can receive a call from a friend or a colleague and we just have to leave the house again for hours. So who is the best person to call in cases like this? Of course, it is your personal care attendant. I know that there are specific working days specified when they sign contracts with clients. Then again, they are always our options. If we ask them if they can be on duty even if it is not scheduled and they decline, then find another person who can be there now or better yet, do not leave the house. Nevertheless, knowing how understanding most caregivers are, most of them might actually show up and help. We just need to make sure that we can pay them extra when this sort of thing happens.
  • These providers are trained and certified. They have excellent nursing skills that qualify them in assisting patients at home. Most of them are either Registered Nurses or Licensed Practical Nurses while some have taken vocational care giving courses. We can all rest assured that they know what they are doing and that we can entrust our loved ones’ lives to them. Before practicing as an private home care provider, you have to go through classroom lectures and several written and practical examinations that evaluated your performances. If you pass, then that means that you are capable of practicing in the field. So again, make sure that your choice has accreditation or licenses duly recognized by authorized agencies before hiring them.

We look forward to speaking with you and hope to be your Foley home care provider.

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