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Resources for Your Choice Senior Care Employees
eRSP Scheduling System Login and Use Instructions
Telephony  and Employee Portal Clock-In Systems

eRSP Logo

1. Click on the eRSP link above.
2. Click on the appropriate button: Caregiver
3. Type in your UserID and Password
4. Click ‘Login

The following areas are available when you log in:

  • Home Page with the current week’s Calendar and Nightly Emails option
  • Monthly Calendar with Customer names, visit times, and a link to Customer information* where you can View and Confirm your Schedule
  • Message Center where you can Send, Receive, and Save Messages from your Office
  • Hours Report where you can view all Claimed or Extracted hours you have worked
  • Under My Account you can go into My Availability and enter in the hours you are available to work for every day of the week.
  • Under My Account you can go into My Blocks and block off days when you are unavailable due to appointments, vacation, etc…

Visible Customer Information Includes:

  • Service Location, with a link to MapQuest
  • Directions entered on the Customer’s Profile page in eRSP
  • Any Service Details and Visit Notes on the Order
  • All Activities set on the Customer’s Activities Tab
  • Customer Attributes from the Customer’s Elements Tab

You will also be able to receive nightly emails that remind you when and with who you are scheduled for the next two days.

How to use Telephony (Clock-In System)

  • From the customers HOME phone, dial 1-888-624-0349.
  • Your pin number is 59 plus the last 4 digits of your social security number
  • If you arrive at the customer’s house more than 15 minutes prior to your shift, wait to call in until the time is within 15 minutes of your start time.

How to use Mobile Website Clock-In/Clock-Out

  • Log into your employee ERSP portal with your mobile device when you arrive.
  • Choose the “Today’s Assignments” option.

 ERSP Mobile Portal Main Page

  • Click on the Clients name for the assignment you are clocking in for.

Your Choice Senior Care






  • Choose Clock to go to the clock in screen.

Your Choice Senior Care






  • Then click the “Clock IN” button to clock-in.   

Your Choice Senior Care






  • When clocking out, click the Clock-OUT button.

 ERSP Mobile Portal

Check out this video for a quick tutorial.



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