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Your Choice Senior Care provides services and care for those who choose to remain in their home. We can relieve the pressures and demands on you and your loved ones to help you live as independently as possible in the comfort of your own home. Our specialty is providing customized services with care, compassion and at the highest quality. The menu of services that we provide can be tailored to fit your individual needs and concerns. Because the client is involved with assessing and evaluating their situation, our personalized service is guaranteed to be right for you.

Our Caregivers undergo a thorough background, employment history and reference check. Careful consideration is given to matching a caregiver to your specific needs. Our services are flexible and allow you to make modifications to your care plan as needed, so you are paying only for the services that you need and want. Your Choice Senior Care is able to provide all of the services and options that you need to continue to maintain a healthy, safe, and enjoyable life.

Senior Care Daphne

Now, living independently at home is a real option!

Due to the high standard of medical care in the United States, the elderly population has steadily been increasing. With the increase in elderly population comes the need for senior care services.

Given a choice, a majority of seniors prefer being taken care of in the comfort of their own homes. Most people would rather live in their homes with care assistance than move to retirement facilities.

Care giving can be stressful sometimes. It will not only require your time but also specialized training. With an increase of the amount of seniors, a majority of families have been forced to hire professional home caregivers to provide assistance in their families.

With home elderly care, the caregiver is able to help the senior maintain his/her old lifestyle. Since the environment is the same, they will feel like nothing has changed from the previous lifestyle.

This type of senior caregiver service keeps the family together. At no time does family play more of a major role than during a time of need. Taking your loved one to one of the traditional care homes in Daphne can easily come with stress and a feeling of depression for both of you.

When seniors are taken care of at home, personalized care is given by the nurse compared to the institutions which host a large number of elders. Care becomes a one to one activity.

Taking care of the elderly at home is less expensive compared to transferring the elderly family member to the institutions. This saves the family money since family members are able to offer a helping hand during certain parts of the day.

There are no cases of poor service offered to your senior family member. You don’t have to worry about negligence from the staff of a larger facility that may be overwhelmed.

It is our responsibility to give the senior citizens the best and most comfortable care they can possibly get. That is why choosing a home care agency when possible can be the best choice for all involved.

We look forward to speaking with you and hope that you trust us to be your Daphne home care provider.

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