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Daphne is a city in Baldwin Province, Alabama, Joined States, on the eastern shoreline of Versatile Narrows. The city is situated along I-10, 10.5 miles east of Versatile and 180 miles southwest of the state capital of Montgomery.The occupied history of what is currently called Daphne dates at any rate to the Paleo-Indian period and Local American tribes around 9200 BC.Cutting edge Daphne is a flourishing suburb of adjacent Portable. Daphne has embraced the epithet ″The Celebration City″ in acknowledgment of its status as one of the areas of the Portable Straight celebration.

Daphne has 6 public parks for entertainment, which incorporate the accompanying: 

A bit of Bay-front Park sitting above Versatile Straight. Trione Park is an expansive multi field sports complex. Soccer, softball, and ball games are played there. Lott Park is a more seasoned, multi-field baseball, ball, and tennis park. Centennial Park is a little kids’ play park. May Day Park incorporates an extensive play area for youthful youngsters, a pontoon dispatch and a dock on Portable Narrows. Bay front Park is a substantial drive up park that is adjoining the sound. It incorporates a hoisted lobby which is as often as possible utilized for gatherings, gatherings, conferences, and so on. A board walk winds through the estuary and closures at a little dock. Town Point Park Safeguard is the biggest park in Daphne and was once alluded to as Jackson Oak Park. It is an estuary for untamed life. The notable D’olive family burial ground is additionally situated on the property. The Daphne City Center is a city-possessed office used to have an assortment of repeating extraordinary occasions in the group. Developed at an expense of $5 to 6 millions, it opened to people in general in after November 1999.

Daphne Open Utilities gives water, sewer and common gas administration to the city. There are around 10,000 to 11.000 water client in that place, 9000-10,000 sewer clients and 4,000 regular gas consumers are there. The utility works water wells, seven waste treatment offices and many pumping stations all through the city. In October, 2013, Daphne Utilities affirmed a water and sewage rate climb of $21 million more than three years. The rate trek will cover costs identified with extension and consistence with government controls. The normal increment will add up to $3.70 every month for the normal private customer.Electrical administration is given by the Foley, Alabama based Riviera Utilities. Riviera exchanges electric current and has no era offices of its own. Landline telephone utility is given by AT&T.Land based digital TV administration is given by Media com. 

As a result of Daphne’s closeness to the coast, all utilities get ready for typhoons and storms which frequently affect conveyance of administrations. A Celebration in Portable Straight happens when crab, shrimp, and other ocean life from the waters of Versatile Narrows are abruptly discovered washed shore wards along the coastline. Scientists trust the wonder is because of a conceivable decline in water oxygen levels which drive the fish to the surface.Daphne is served by various doctors, specialists and dental practitioners. Two dire consideration offices offer stroll in administration. Outpatient administrations are accommodated indicative and surgical mediation. The city is additionally served by Thomas Doctor’s facility, a level III, 150 bed doctor’s facility in Fairhope, Alabama, 4-5 miles toward the south. Over the straight in Portable, there are a few tertiary consideration offices.