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There are many who feel that retirement is the end. It isn’t. It is the beginning of a time in your life when you can truly focus on the things you have always wanted to do. You no longer have a house full of expectant mouths waiting to be fed, or extracurricular activities to shuffle your children to and from. Rest assured, if you still like to cook, there will always be an appreciative mouth to be found. And there are always games and activities which you can attend and enjoy. For those who don’t feel as excited about this time of life, here are a few reasons to stay in the game.

  1. KEEP THE MIND SHARP. Whether you are working a jigsaw puzzle, playing euchre, or watching a movie with friends, the mental stimulation is extremely important. Idle minds become slow, foggy, and fuzzy, but a busy mind stays sharp and attentive.
  2. KEEP LONELINESS AT BAY. Isolation is the great enemy of aging. To remain young, we must stay engaged. Do anything, just do it with a friend. Having a special activity planned gives you both something to look forward to. It makes the hours pass more quickly to have a sense of expectancy. Make a plan to get out and enjoy life. Sign up for activities in the future so you have something to do, and go find a friend to do it with.
  3. KEEP JOY FRONT AND CENTER. Finding something you love to do, and having the time to do it, is what retirement is about. Think about all the years passed; you were so busy, and couldn’t wait to have time for the things you wanted to do. This is that time! Embrace those things now, with joy. You can sit on the porch and crochet. You can take those waltz classes. You can play the piano for hours. This is YOUR time.
  4. KEEP MOVING. Our joints need to move. When we do, the bones feel limber, and movement is easy. When we allow ourselves to sit for prolonged periods, the stiffness can be felt upon moving. To remain physically capable of doing the things we desire to do, we should engage in some sort of movement every hour. It doesn’t have to be a sprint to the bathroom, but it might be. It could be a jog to the coffee pot, or a walk to the window. Stretch, bend, and let the movements flow. Whether you do simple housework or join a yoga class, the idea is just to put some activity into each day.
  5. KEEP CURIOSITY ALIVE. When boredom sets in, the days all run together. Learning something new on a regular basis is good stimulation for the mind, and gives it something to mull over during times of lesser activity. Reading literature, listening to audible books, or enjoying new music genres are three ways to engage in new things. Many cities have great social events which will keep your mind very busy.

Whether you live in a social setting, or are on your own, please enjoy today. Find something for your heart, mind, soul, and body.

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