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How can you determine if your loved one is in a position where living alone can be potentially dangerous to their health? Several signs can indicate that a senior is not able to be living alone.

  • Cognitive impairment: the reason for this being a red flag is because it could signify the beginning of Alzheimer’s or dementia, which would progressively become worse and pose serious hazards to the health of a senior.
  • Neglect of personal hygiene: simple daily tasks, such as, using the bathroom and taking showers become difficult and potentially dangerous activities for seniors living alone and therefore a lack of personal hygiene should not be overlooked when assessing the safety of the home.
  • Never leaving the home: if your loved one has little to no socialization with outsiders it can be a sign of depression or loneliness. In persons of this age this can be a serious issue and having personal sitters or moving to an assisted living facility would both be effective solutions to increase socialization time.
  • The home is messy: a messy home can pose hazards (loose wires, dirty clothing on the floor, and shoes lying around); clutter in the home can lead to accidental falls and, as a result, more serious problems.
  • Physical deterioration: if your loved one is showing signs of weakness then it might not be safe for them to be living alone. Weakness can suggest a senior is having mobility issues. The need for additional assistance/care with household tasks such as cleaning may become necessary for your loved one.

An easy and effective solution to this problem is to hire a home sitter to help your loved one perform necessary daily activities. At Your Choice Senior Care, we work towards providing an environment in which your family feels most comfortable and what better place than your own home? Our caregivers are experienced in giving your loved one the best non-medical care. We provide services such as bathing, cooking/meal preparation, companionship, transportation and so much more. Give us a call today!