Did you know that one of the top leading accidents observed in seniors are falls? Adults aged 65 and older risk facing major injury and even death as a result of falls, many of which can be prevented. A natural change in our bodies occurs as we age and become physically weaker. This unavoidable weakness is accompanied by risks that, by taking the appropriate steps, we can prevent.

The main reasons associated with senior falls are chronic health conditions, balance damaging illnesses and impairments. Chronic health conditions causing falls include dementia, low blood pressure, and heart disease. Side effects to these medical conditions include dizziness or brief loss of consciousness which could potentially lead to serious falls. Our balance is also significantly affected by the decline in visual acuity and weakening of muscles, especially in the legs. Labyrinthitis is an illness that is characterized by the inflammation of the nerves connecting the inner ear to the brain or the inner ear itself. Specific areas in the ear are responsible for balance and this inflammation weakens the ability of the hair cells to conduct signals to the brain to provide balance. These health reasons are the top leading causes for falls but accidental falls are a significant threat to the senior community. Accidental falls in seniors are most frequently seen due to being put in dangerous settings including dimly lit rooms, stairs, loose cords and wet floors.

One effective way of preventing falls in seniors is by having someone close by to monitor them along with their surroundings. Our caregivers provide the best care for your family and work to provide a safe environment for your loved ones. By welcoming us into your home we can guarantee that we will put forth our best efforts to avoid putting your loved one in a dangerous situation where they may experience a fall. Give us a call today for more information!