Many families struggle with how to manage care for their loved one who has dementia. Many times, a family member or spouse keeps putting off the need for a change in the care for their loved one. This creates a situation that can be dangerous for the loved one and overwhelming for the family. Whether you need in-home Care or a memory care facility is the best option, there are a few signs that should help with making a decision. When a loved one can no longer be left alone, when family members lives are being disrupted or when you find yourself not knowing what to do, that is when a decision should be made. Prolonging the decision will only allow the problem to grow.

Reaching out to a local care provider like Your Choice Senior Care can help you get the answers you need. Our experience with this situation can help get things under control and put a plan in place. Their are a number of options and we can help.

Don’t try to do this alone. We can be there for you.