When loved ones need additional care and treatment at home, residents of Alabama turn to Your Choice Senior Care for assistance. We all want the best for our aging friends and family members, so it is important to trust and have open communication with the staff of a local caretaker service. To provide top-quality companionship and healthcare, we offer the following benefits for those who need an extra hand and want to make life easier on everyone:

  1. Health & Wellness Management:

    Whether you want someone there for 2 hours a day, or around the clock, our aides can be there when it matters the most. We can help with things such as medication distribution, hospital discharge coordination, or daily phone checks to provide peace of mind. We can even provide a thorough care plan prepared by a Registered Nurse. 

  2. Housekeeping:

    When someone is hospitalized or bedridden, sometimes their cleaning goes to the wayside. We understand that basic chores such as laundry and dishes can fall behind quickly. For light to heavy housework, we can help lessen the burden so your loved one can focus on recovery and getting well.

  3. Transportation:

    Often illness and injuries can make it unsafe to drive. Don’t let your loved one miss out on getting to appointments on time. Relieve their stress with professional drivers that can take them to doctor’s visits, the pharmacy, the grocery store, the beauty salon, or any basic errand. This small luxury can mean the world to them when they feel they have no one to ask for a ride when relatives are busy.

  4. Personal Services Assistance:

    Major surgery or illness can limit the mobility of a person within their own home. We understand that having a friendly face available to nurture their needs is important. Our staff can foster a positive environment to ensure your aging senior is eating, wearing clean clothes, and performing proper hygiene and grooming. Our team can assist your elderly loved one with using the restroom and moving around as delegated by their physician. When these basic needs are met the outlook on the future is bright!

  5. Culinary Arrangements:

    When your loved one is not feeling well the thought of cooking a meal can be overwhelming. We can arrange for meal preparation or pickup. We have a variety of options to suit their palate and are equipped to handle food allergies and sensitivities, as needed.

  6. Home Maintenance Coordination

    Tidying up isn’t all it takes to keep a household up and running. For assistance with managing lawn care, pest control services and other yearly and seasonal tasks, just ask! We can even arrange for pet care to make sure your furry and feathered friends are happy and healthy.

  7. An Extra Set of Hands

    You may not be able to think of a solution to every hurdle when your loved one needs help. We’ve been there to help our patients remain comfortable and well-taken care of throughout their rehabilitation. If you need a ride from the airport, supply pick up from a store, or even basic home organization, call us for help solving those problems. 

All of these great services make your life easier because you can be confident that someone is looking out for the important people in your life who need extra help. There is no greater peace of mind than having your loved one taken care of by a team you can trust. We want you to enjoy your time with your senior citizen.

For more information about Your Choice Senior Care call 205-382-6222 in the Birmingham area and 251-599-8101 in Baldwin or Mobile County. To email us directly, please send us a detailed message to: We’d love to make your life easier with superior home care you can rely on from a local, family owned, provider. Find us on Facebook for exciting news and events!