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There are many reasons that you may want to consider in-home care for your mother. Often, it is a simple solution to keep her in comfortable surroundings and ease her mind. Although it is less stressful for her, it may not be for you. You may find yourself overthinking the things that may happen. Here are a few simple considerations that will help with the transition to overseeing Mom’s day.

  1. Understand what is expected. It isn’t easy for Mom to accept help. Don’t smother her or make changes without her participation. You are only there to assist her in continuing her daily life.
  2. Make safety your number one priority. The only contradiction to #1 is if safety is concerned. If your mom’s home needs to be updated with bath rails, wheelchair ramps, alarm systems, or clutter needs to be cleared in the name of mobility, then safety wins. Allow her to make the decisions if she is willing, but if she is resistant, the discussion may need to steer toward other options if the home is unsafe. This knowledge may inspire her to make an effort toward safety.
  3. Allow your mom the freedom to care for herself where she can. Taking control from her will not endear you to her, and it may facilitate arguments. Be patient. Give her all the leeway you can. Consider yourself more of an overseer while she is capable, and slowly assume responsibility as she relinquishes it or forgets things that need done. Assure her that you are ready and willing to help. Try to develop an attitude of teamwork to get things accomplished.
  4. Stay abreast of any medical changes or issues. Go with her to appointments, monitor medication changes, and watch that meds are taken properly. This may be as simple as setting up a pillbox with a reminder alarm, or you may have to be available to administer them if she starts missing doses.
  5. Be available. Whether this means simply stopping by after work to see how things are going, or being there for hours at a time, just be there. Eventually you may need to have full time help.
  6. Divide and conquer. Don’t shoulder the full responsibility. Involve siblings. Access community services. Involve a home health care provider. Burnout for caregivers is a major issue. Don’t be a statistic. Take some time away to regroup and refresh. It is hard to provide good care to mom when you need it yourself. Do what you can, but know your limitations. If you are working full time, raising kids, and trying to shoulder full care of your mother, you are doing yourself a disservice, and the entire family as well. Be willing to share the burden. Keep looking until you find the help you need.

Having your mother in her own home may be worrisome but it can also be rewarding. You may find this to be one of the best periods of interaction between the two of you, with many memories made and stored away. Treasure each day.

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