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The city of Helena located in Jefferson and Shelby Counties is part of the state of Alabama. Helena City, along with the cities of Alabaster and Pelham make up the North Shelby County. Being a suburb of Birmingham, Helena is known to be one of the most conducive cities to live and raise children. In 2007, Business Week has named Helena as the 13th “Best Place To Raise Your Kids”. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the U.S. and was announced by Money Magazine as the Top 100 Best Places To Live in the country.

The town of Helena is entertaining and bustling. It is indeed a splendid place to visit for a holiday or vacation. Its climate is common to the Deep South wherein summers are long, hot and humid while winters are short and mild. What are fun and interesting Helena Alabama activities?

Arts And Culture

The arts and culture remain to be a favorite attraction in Helena. Throughout the year, numerous musical performances and arts and crafts events are featured in public places. When in Helena, tourists and residents alike enjoy the plethora of cultural benefits accessible in the area of greater Birmingham, including the Birmingham Museum of Art, the Birmingham Zoo, the Vulcan Statue and Park and the McWane Center. In 2005, a native of Helena, Bo Bice gained nationwide recognition for being a finalist in American Idol, a popular program in Fox.

Annual Cultural Events

Tourists and residents enjoy their time in Helena’s annual cultural events. When you visit Helena in one of their annual community events, you’ll experience a feel of the American small town traditional life, especially during the Buck Creek Festival, the Easter Egg Hunt, the 4th of July fireworks and concert, the Fall Carnival, the Spring Fling and the festive Christmas Parade. 


There are a number of museums and other places of interest to pique your fancy in Helena, such as the Cahaba River, Old Town Amphitheatre and the Old Town district wherein you’ll find 19th century commercial structures and the city jail along with the railroad freight depot built in the 19th century as well. In October 2011, the Kenneth R. Penhale Museum was opened for visiting in the same district.


What about outdoor sports? Football, basketball, softball, baseball, soccer and golf are popular outdoor sports in Helena. The most participated sport is football where spectators of all levels have fun watching. There are times when children participate in sports events sponsored by schools and the city.


Popular sports and recreation are part of scenic Helena and the Shelby County. You’ll have a good time strolling in green spaces and frolicking on playground equipment and fishing ponds together with a baseball field complex where tournaments and recreational leagues are regularly held. In 2003, the Sports Complex became open for public wherein a community center is located along with spaces for soccer, softball, basketball, cheerleading and baseball. You’ll find popular parks in the city of Helena, including the Cahaba Lily Park and the Joe Tucker Park. Another main attraction in the city is the Old Town Helena Amphitheater located at the side of Buck Creek. In the amphitheater, visitors can relax in a grass seating area in front of a stage where they can watch productions such as free movies during the Summer Sundown Cinemas and the celebration of the 4th of July.

There are a hundred and one fun-filled Helena Alabama activities to do in this quaint and peaceful yet lively city.